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Saudi Arabia. June 23, 2017


Japan IX. May 19, 2017

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About us



Since 1997, Globus Vison has been providing European and American business circles with informative publications on world economies. Our unique approach blends in-depth analysis with on the spot reporting to provide a detailed, balanced, and informed analysis of a specifically chosen market.


We focus on those countries which are able to offer investment and trade opportunities to the readers of America’s and Europe´s most important media houses.


Globus Vision publications work as a bridge between the Amerian and European politician, investor, and entrepreneur and the leading businessmen of the countries featured.


Globus Vison Publications portray the evolution of a wide range of countries around the world. We are permanently monitoring the world in search of new developments that different countries and regions must communicate. From free trade agreements to peace agreements, there are many good news stories that deserve to be shared.


Our reports include articles that promote reflection, reforms and developments, as well as industrial and tax policies in emerging countries.


Direct quotations drawn from interviews, that we have conducted in person with senior political and business leaders, enable us to offer our readers an overview of many areas.